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La Luna

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

(‘borrowed’ from , composite picture)

Ah La Luna La Luna
The night that we fell under the spell of the moon
Ah La Luna La Luna
The light that will being me back to you
The light of La Luna

La Luna, Belinda Carlisle


Moonstruck, lunatic, loony and even menstrual all stem from moon.  ‘Blame it on the moon’ is a time-honored tradition.  But still … we fashion mysteries around the moon, sing songs in the moonlight, dream of moonlight.  We live by day, in the golden light of the sun, but dream in the silvery light of the moon, a light which is not … quite … true.  Unlike the sun, however, the moon does no harm to us – aside, of course, from the occasional ‘lunacy’ around the full moon, when our mostly water bodies may react to the pull of the moon.

In the past we have gazed at the moon, cursed the moon and set up mysteries surrounding it. Recently (historically) we have landed on the moon, we have brought back samples and studied them.  We have mapped the far side of the moon and determined that there is residual water on the moon. We can quantify and categorize it, but we can’t take the mystery out.

Maybe that is what it is all about; we all need some mystery.  The moon ‘magically’ waxes and wanes, it changes position depending on the season, suffers from eclipses and occasionally even causes eclipses.  It is ever-present, if not ever-visible, confounding that part of us which is still struggling with the metaphorical if not metaphysical concept of object permanence.